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the future of water maintenance

Smart & sustainable

The Robodredger is an integrated solution for precise, smart and sustainable water management. The Robodredger can be mobilised easily with a minimum impact on the environment. Continuous monitoring of water quality and localisation of sludge allows for just-in-time or continuous dredging. The electric drive and water lubrication result in low impact for the water ecology. The remotely controlled Robodredger makes water maintenance cost effective and easier. The system is sound free and invisible. The system can be scaled to meet the requirements of customers.

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Green areas

Harbour areas

robodredger onder water

The Robodredger at work in the RDM water basin.

Small scale dredging

For small scaled dredging works the Robodredger is your choice of equipment. For dredging tanks, water inlets, tunnels, locks and under bridges and decks. The dredger is perfect both for green areas and harbour areas.


Designed for dredging sludge and flowing sediment. For dredging more consolidated material it is required to include an auger, cutter or jet water system and move the inlet to the front of the ROD. Dredged material can be transported to a dewatering unit or system, flow field, truck or hopper.

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