Realtime monitoring of surface water

Meet the new possibilities of floating modular measurement units: measurement buoys. The measurement buoys are equipped with multiple sensors. By constructing a measuring grid of many of these buoys, insight can be gained in the behaviour of surface waters. The measurements are indicative. The use of LoRaWan (Long Range Wide Area Network) allows for energy efficient transfer of small data packages over kilometres long distances. LoRaWAN triangulation can be made available to determine the position of the buoys. All data are instantly available on a dedicated website.

Standard buoys

The standard measurement buoys include multiple sensors. The following parameters are send to the website:

  • temperature
  • electrical conductivity
  • flow direction
  • flow velocity
  • battery voltage

Other sensors can be added on request, for example sensors to measure turbidity, sound pressure or wave height.


The measurement buoys are modular. The measuring buoys can be easily placed in the water. An anchor and a line keep the buoy in place. The measurement buoys are very energy efficient. The maintenance interval is depending on the fouling of the sensors. No pollutants are used to control the fouling. For indicative measurements a cleaning interval of months proved sufficient.

Typical delivery

  • Buoys including line and anchor
  • Licence for LoRaWAN of our partners
  • Instructions for placement and maintenance

Measurement projects can also be fully outsourced to Aqitec and our partners.

Pilot project ‘De Groene Poort’

Improvements are made to the profile of the Nieuwe Waterweg near Rotterdam to create the right conditions for flora and fauna to flourish. Dams are placed to influence the current and allow for sludge to settle. This way vegetation will increase. Fish spawning grounds will develop. Biodiversity will increase.

In cooperation with the municipality of Rotterdam, Aqitec placed measurement buoys at ‘De Groene Poort’. The measurement buoys of Aqitec provide insight in flow velocity and direction. Other parameters such as temperature and electrical conductivity are measured.

Pilot project ‘Digitale Stad’

The municipality of Rotterdam is developing a digital environment ‘De Digitale Stad‘ to provide data of the city to its inhabitants. A pilot was initiated to forward and visualize data within the Digitale Stad website.

Realtime monitoring of waterways. Many indicative measurements provide insight.

Just-in-time input for water management.

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